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fantasy and sci-fi collectables film and franchise memorabilia retro toys


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fantasy and sci-fi collectables film and franchise memorabilia retro toys


Sci-Fi and Fantasy Collectables

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Another great review from an awesome customer

"Great retailer for collectors. Needed a gift for a Mint collector and DragonGeeks were very helpful. The item was sent out with care and attention in a sturdy box. It's rare to see care taken these days regarding packing an order. Look forward to making another purchase soon. Thanks!"

From Iain

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Fantasy and Sci-Fi Collectables and Halloween masks


the home of fantasy and sci-fi collectables, film and franchise memorabilia, retro toys and high-quality Halloween masks. As our name suggests, we are fiercely independent and proud to be Welsh.

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What We Are All About

We are fascinated in how the toy and collector's industry has grown over the past 40 years, thanks to huge franchises like Star Wars and the action figures and playsets that were produced for fans just like you.

From playsets and action figures to busts, memorabilia and masks – we work hard to source genuine, top quality merchandise. Being geeks ourselves, we have a great eye for collectable pieces and a genuine interest in everything that we sell.

Our Products

Our products are fully-licensed and in fantastic condition. We often work hard to find pieces and true retro gems. We stock products from franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Power Rangers, Masters of the Universe, Godzilla, King Kong, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and much, much more!



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Living Dead Dolls.
Living Dead Dolls.
Black Series: Tusken Chieftan
Darth Vader from the Black Series.
Seed of Chucky - Glen Doll.
Sam hanging ornament.
Saw Billy Ornament.
Horror Ornament Halloween 1978
Evil Dead 2: Kandarian Dagger.
Toony Terrors Killer Klowns Slim & Chubby 2-Pack
Body Knocker Halloween 2018 Michael Myers
My Bloody Valentine Ultimate The Miner 7 inch
Star Wars Black series: Hovertank Driver.
Halloween 8 – Michael Myers Resurrection Mask
USA Flag Mask.
Spiderman Legends Series.
Legends Series.

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Film & TV Memorabilia

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 Doctor Who Tardis, sci-fi collectables selling film and franchise memorabilia and retro toys




Life Long Geeks

Growing up in the ‘Golden Age' of Sci-Fi, we truly understand the excitement and joy that collectors get from purchasing new and old items for their collection.

Outstanding Customer Service

We are always here for you if you need us, feel free to give us a call or contact us through our contact form. We can help you with finding items and delivery info.

Fairly Priced

We search hard to find some of our rarer collectables, and we will always ensure that our pricing is fair for you the customer. Check back regularly for new deals and offers!







DragonGeeks started out of a passion I have had for most of my life. I have always loved Sci-Fi films and TV programmes and the toys that accompanied them. I stopped buying and collecting when I was a teenager as it felt it wasn't “cool” anymore, but deep down there was a ‘Geek' inside me waiting to break out. So, I started again in my mid-twenties buying Star Wars and Doctor Who and eventually expanded into other franchises. I always wanted to start up a business and when the opportunity arose, I decided to make that big step. So, I hope that the passion I have shines through my work and makes you want to buy and revisit this site time and time again.

Wayne – DragonGeeks Founder









If you have a collection of Fantasy and Sci-Fi Collectables you are looking to sell, we would like to hear from you. Give us a call to find out more.

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Follow our blog for all the latest DragonGeek news and updates, look out for special offers and remember to check around the holidays for discounts. We also regularly post reviews on new products and discuss some of our favourites too!

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