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Art the Clown 12 inch Figure.
House of 1000 Corpses Captain Spaulding Masks
Chucky Mask from 'Childs Play'.
Chucky Mask from 'Bride of Chucky'.
Official Dawn of the Dead Flyboy Mask from George A Romero's Classic Zombie film, Dawn of the Dead.
Dawn of the Dead Airport Zombie Mask from George A Romero's Classic Zombie film, Dawn of the Dead.
Frankenstein Mask by Trick and Treat Studios and Universal Studios. This mask is based on the make up worn by Boris Karloff in the 1931, classic Frank ...
Frankenstein Mask by Super 7. T classic Frankenstein.
Freddy Krueger , Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 4, deluxe Mask with Fedora Hat.
Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning. Jason Voorhees', Mask Replica.
Ghostface. 25th Anniversary Mask.
Michael Myers: Halloween 2018. 'Final Battle Bloody Version Mask.
Hammer's 'The Reptile!'.
The Official Halloween II Hospital Mask!
Halloween 3: Season of the Witch Mask.
Halloween Ends! Michael Myers Mask!
Halloween Kills! Michael Myers Mask!
Hammer Horror's Curse of the Werewolf Mask!
Christopher Lee as Frankenstein.
Friday the 13th Part III' Jason Voorhees', Mask Replica.
King Pumpkin Mask
'Leatherface' Mask as appears in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 11.
Halloween 1978 Myers Mask!
Freddy Krueger , Nightmare on Elm Street, Deluxe Mask.
Halloween 2018 Myers Mask.
Pennywise mask based on the 2017 film of the same name.
Officially Licensed Spiral From The Book of Saw: Pig Mask!
The Officially Licensed SAW Moving Mouth Billy Puppet Mask!
Official Terrifier - Art the Clown Mask!
The Fiend Misfits Black Hood Mask
Official Universal Classic Monsters Glenn Strange Mask.
Creature From the Black Lagoon Mask.
Officially licensed The Wolf Man Mask. Based on the original 1941 classic, The Wolf Man.
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