Good Day. We have all our 'Flash' merch in DragonGeeks. We were lucky to get it as the stock was rushing out of the wholesaler. Its up on the website ready to buy. We will be taking it to our first convention on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of June EM-Con at the Motorpoint Arena at Nottingham.

     So if your going, come along and say hello. We will be happy to chat and show you what we have to sell and talk all things Scfi and Horror.

We will have 'THE FLASH' with us in stock. So, you can purchase them from our stall.








We have two Flash figures, one 7 inch and the other 12inch and also the Michael Keaton Batman figures, one unmasked and the other masked. Along with the Batcycle. All featured in 'THE FLASH' movie out soon. 'THE FLASH' is  Barry Allen who has the gift of superhuman speed.  The young scientist quickly becomes one of Earth's most heroic defenders. He becomes part of The Justice League.  Barry Allen explores the limits of his powers while trying to outrun the events of his childhood. He discovers that that he has the ability to manipulate time, which he then, as the Fastest Man Alive races back to a pivotal moment in his past - only to change the future in a Multiverse of ways that he could have never imagined! Sounds like a cool movie!







Great to see Michael Keaton back in the role. And great to see Batman and a new Supergirl helping the Flash in what hopefully will be one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer.

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