Trick Or Treats Terrifier Art The Clown 5” Action Figure from Trick or Treat! Sculpted by Alexander Rey.

Trick or Treat Studios and Damien Leone present the Official Terrifier Art The Clown Blood Bath 5" Action Figure!

Blood Bath Art the clown features colour change blood splatter action! Simply spray with ice water or place the figure in your freezer to see Art get drenched in the blood of his victims. Blood Bath Art the Clown comes complete with his trashbag of terror to hold his 3 weapons of choice; a pistol, a knife, and his trusty hacksaw!

And you can get yours from DragonGeeks!








Arts Trash bag can be opened up to store all his terrorising tools!


And to change Art the Clown from being clean to terrifying bloody, simply spray or submerge in cold water. For best results use ice water or place figure in freezer for several minutes. The 'blood' effect will disappear as the figure warms up.

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