Yes, they are finally back in stock! The Terrifier, Art the clown Masks. And just in time for Halloween, the Spooky Season! Its been a long wait and their finally here. And we have two versions, one with blood and the other without.















Get ready for the Terrifier Print as well which will be available on the website to purchase soon.

  Our 'Bloody' print of Terrifier by a local Artist.







Check out our website of our Terrifier goodies, the Official Art The Clown Blood Bath 5" Action Figure and also the Art the Clown 12 inch Figure.

   Blood Bath Art the clown features color change blood splatter action! Simply spray with ice water or place the figure in your freezer to see Art get drenched in the blood of his victims. Blood Bath Art the Clown comes complete with his trashbag of terror to hold his 3 weapons of choice; a pistol, a knife, and his trusty hacksaw!





This amazing figure features 30+ points of articulation, 4 interchangable hands and a saw accessory! The figure is fully dressed in screen accurate clothing and comes in a beautiful Collectors Box with a flip back window display. Figure is approximately 12” tall.






By 'Trick and Treat Studios!'.

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