The classic line of Star Trek action figures you remember from yesteryears are back with a modern touch.

The Star Trek Classic Star Trek: The Next Generation Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander Riker, Data along with the Classic Kirk, Spock and Khan are here to start off this exciting new range of 5-Inch Action Figures.

They are showcased in nostalgic, retro-styled blister card packaging. The figures feature 14 points of articulation to recreate all your favourite scenes from Star Trek: The Next Generation and the classic Star Trek movies. Each come with a figure stand.

I have so glad as a collector myself that a new set of Star Trek figures have been released and I hope they will be the start of many to come. I will be collecting them myself. And at a price of £12.99 each, the price is friendly too. And with tough economic times these figures make an ideal gift that does not break the bank and a great stocking filler.