Are you stuck for the perfect Valentines gift? What about treating your loved one to one of our Soft Toys & Plushies? Perfect for your loved one or would you like to treat them to one of our creepier gifts.............



                                                 Perhaps, our creepy scary bed lamp, or a hand puppet Gizmo?  


There are loads of gift ideas on our website for Valentines Day? I think sometimes, if you want to treat your loved one, get something they would like. Flowers and chocolates are okay but not that exciting. Well, to me anyway. If someone gave me flowers or chocolates i would thank them but deep down, I would probably want something different.

A horror or Scfi gift is something that would get me excited. Chocolates would melt and Flowers would die, but Chucky or Gremlin toy would be with you far longer. Or perhaps your loved one may disappear as Valentines night progresses? Remember, Chucky is your friend to the end, whereas your loved one may not be.............. hahaha! #dragongeeks #giftideas #hookedonhorror #videolamps #horrorfan