We are so excited to have yet another Halloween replica mask in stock to sell. We already have Michael Myers masks form the original 1978 film and from ‘Halloween’ in 2018. So to have another replica is fantastic. Trick and Treat studios from the US just astonish me with their talents to produce the most awesome replicas from so many films from our ScFi, Fantasy and Horror universes. 

The great thing about being an adult now is the awesome amount of products available now that we can buy. Okay, we can buy them and for some of us they don’t venture out of their boxes. Or, we buy two of every product we buy. Some of us may do that.

This is my first blog I have written for dragongeeks.uk I am so pleased to have ventured into the world of self-employment but to have gone in a world of my imagination where I surf the internet and wholesalers in search of products to sell and bring to you.

Starting out there will be mistakes and it will be a learning curve. But hopefully those mishaps that may be made will be learnt from.

Back to the selling now! So if you want to purchase this Michael Myers from ‘Halloween Kills’, please do. At an introduction price of £55 from dragongeeks.uk

I am hoping to purchase a wide selection of masks in future for selling for us collectors, whether you use them for display or for fun to scare your mates.