NECA's own real, posable, life-size replicas of the Chucky doll from the cult classic movie Bride of Chucky!

These 1:1 models are based on their on-screen appearance and have been exactingly duplicated from measurements and references from puppeteers who worked on the film to be the most screen-accurate representations available.









Each doll has an inner articulated armature so you can pose it, life-like eyes, synthetic hair, and clothing that precisely matches the screen-used garments.

  • Inner articulated armature
  • Life-like eyes
  • Synthetic hair


These fantastic replica dolls stand approximately 30 inches (76.20cm) tall and will be the crowning piece in any collection. Sculpted by Iric Fidram and Mychal Vens of Moody Pudding Studios.




Does not come with Chucky figure in picture opposite.






And they are arriving on Tuesday the 9th May at DragonGeeks! NECA have come up trumps with this new doll. We have limited stock and there is no guarantee we will be able to get any more. I know companies like myself, may say this, but its true.

We have other Chucky 'Merch' as well. The 'Plush' Doll has come in stock, which is a lot cheaper and still a great collectible item. Check this out! 

Childs Play Plush Body Good Guy Replica Doll. £192.00 (








I love the 'Plush' Doll as you can pull it around! Haha.