Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Bust 30.5cm. Coming Soon to DragonGeeks!

Lord Voldemort Bust.
Officially Licensed.
Cast in the finest resin.
Expertly hand-painted.

Brought to me by Nemesis Now.

be inspired by the world of wizardry with these officially licensed Harry Potter, Voldemort bust. as the heir of Salazer Sytherin, Lord Voldemort, formally known as Tom Marvolo Riddle, is consider to the most powerful dark wizard of all time. He possesses extreme power and intelligence that is feared by most. His piercing eyes stare hauntingly into your soul whilst Nagini the snake sits guarding the shoulder of Lord Voldemort, fangs like daggers ready to make her attack. cast in high quality resin before being hand-painted this Lord Voldemort Bust is the perfect addition to any harry potter collection.


Soon to be arriving to the bunker at DragonGeeks! Or inbox us on: info@dragongeeks.uk for further information.