Do you want to own a real, posable, life-size replica of the Tiffany doll from the cult classic movie Bride of Chucky!

This 1:1 model is based on Chucky and Tiffany's on-screen appearance and has been exactingly duplicated from measurements and references from puppeteers who worked on the film to be the most screen-accurate representation available anywhere. It has an inner articulated armature so you can pose her, life-like eyes, synthetic hair, and clothing that precisely matches the screen-used garments.

This fantastic replica doll stands approximately 30 inches tall and will be the crowning piece in any collection. (Wording courtesy of NECA).

I love the Chucky and Tiffany Dolls from NECA, both are made to perfection and to great detail as you would expect, judging by the majority of the figures NECA produce. I personally have them in my collection and take pride and place in my lounge. 










Yes, I agree they can be expensive to buy when you see the price but their worth saving up for.

We do have lots more Chucky products on the website so please check us out.










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