Howdy Folks! You like blood? Violence? Freaks of nature? Well then boy do we have something for you! We are thrilled to have the all new Finger Lickin' Pistol Whippin' Captain Spaulding Action Figure!

Standing over 5" tall this figure features Finger Lickin' Pistol Whippin' Action. Figure includes great accessories - tasty fried chicken bucket and drumstick along with a pistol for all your action needs. Packaged in retro style action figure packaging just like your favourite figures from the toy aisle.









Figure being sold at £21.99 at DragonGeeks.

         We also have stocked the Captain Spaulding face mask, which will be great to add to your collections of horror masks. Based on hundreds of behind the scenes pictures, Justin Mabry, from Trick and Treat studies, sculpted the most screen accurate Captain Spaulding face mask ever produced.




At £54 this face mask is also being sold at a competitive  price compared to other retailers.

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