Halloween Myers Mask from the original 1978 film Is Killing It at DragonGeeks and back in stock. After huge demand from customers, we have them back on stock for £55 each. 

This awesome mask has been so popular with customers since DragonGeeks started last year. Its well worth the buy!

This mask is a beautiful replica of the mask worn by one of the most famous movie serial killers of all time in the film that made Michael Myers a household name to Horror Fans everywhere, the original 1978 Halloween. The Official Halloween Michael Myers mask was sculpted by their very own VP Art Direction Justin Mabry, and is based on numerous screen shots from Halloween, specially the famous image of Michael Myers looking over the bannister ready to attack Laurie Strode. So get yourself The Official Halloween Michael Myers mask and celebrate The Night He Came Home!


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This mask is not a toy and suitable for children under the ago of 14. These are collectors items for Adults or Halloween decorations.

Measurements: 33.02 x7.62 x17.78 cm.

Contains latex, may cause an allergic reaction in latex sensitive individuals.