Harry Potter-Crookshanks Hanging Ornament.

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Harry Potter-Crookshanks Hanging Ornament.

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Harry Potter Crookshanks Hermione Granger Cat Hanging Festive Decor Ornament. 9cm, 8.0x2x9.0cm. 0.11g weight.

The half-Kneazle cat Crookshanks was Hermione Granger's pet and resembled a small tiger with a squashed face. He could spot imposter animals a mile off (don't even think about it Pettigrew) and loved a good old lap-cuddle at the end of the day. You gotta love Crookshanks. Give your tree the feline touch with this spectacular Crookshanks hanging decoration. You might find you have to 'paws' every time you walk past your tree to admire its magnificence.

Cast in resin


Hangs from a red ribbon

100% official Harry Potter Christmas decoration.





Great for hanging on your Christmas tree this year and every year!

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