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1:1 Scale Chucky Good Guy Doll.
30th Anniversary Ultimate Freddy - A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Childs Play: Chucky Evil Face Good Guy with Sound Doll, Multi-coloured, 15-Inch
Chucky 'Deluxe' Scarred.15-Inch 'talking' from Mezco.
Chucky Mask from 'Childs Play'.
Chucky Mask from 'Bride of Chucky'.
Freddy Kruegar Classic video NECA Action figure.
Friday the 13th. Part VII - The New Blood! Jason Voorhees Figure.
Ghost Face from Scream!
Halloween 2018 Ultimate Laurie Strode Figure.
Halloween 3: Season of the Witch Mask.
Halloween Kills! Michael Myers Mask!
Halloween Season of the Witch 3 Pack. The three iconic Trick and Treaters.
Friday the 13th Part III' Jason Voorhees', Mask Replica.
NECA Toony Terrors 6" Action Figure - JAWS and Quint
King Pumpkin Mask
Halloween 1978 Myers Mask!
12" Halloween 2018 Michael Myers.
Friday the 13th. Part 3 Jason Voorhees Figure.
Scream 'Ghostface' Roto Plush!
Scream Ultimate Ghostface! 7 inch.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ultimate Leatherface.
Michael Myers, part of the Toony Terrors range!
Toony Terrors range, 'Regan' from the Exorcist.
Toony Terrors 'The Creep' from Creepshow.
Toony Terrors Victor Crowley from the Hatchet!
Toony Terrors brings you Sam!
Michael Myers based on the 2018 fim version.
7' Universal Monsters Ultimate Frankenstein (b/w).
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